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Community Futures Winnipeg River

About Community Futures Winnipeg River 

Community Futures Winnipeg River (CFWR) is a community based, regional economic development organization serving the North Eastman region of Manitoba since 1988. CFWR works to enhance community growth and prosperity for the North Eastman region. They build strength and knowledge within our businesses, entrepreneurs, social organizations, and local governments. At the heart of the Community Futures program is a firm belief that building local capacity gives communities the strength and ability to shape their own futures and to thrive in a changing economic environment. 

CFW programs and services are designed to help rural communities strengthen the social fabric and economic potential and to capitalize on regional economic opportunities.

Contact CFWR to start or grow a business 

CFWR offers a variety of services/programs including:  

Part of a non-profit organization

CFWR can help your non-profit organization with:  

  • Strategic planning  
  • Project and grant counselling  
  • Board and organizational development 

These are some of the services and programs CFWR offers to the North Eastman region of Manitoba. For more information visit their website or Facebook page.