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Hydro: Manitoba Hydro
Telephone: Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS)
Television: Cable & Satellite
Internet: MTS Highspeed, GraniteInternet services, Waterside Wireless
Sewage: - Lagoon - Piped Out
Water: Water Treatment Facility - Piped In

Utility Information

Water bills will be sent out quarterly in December, March, June and September . We stress the importance of phoning your reading into our office promptly when an orange card is left at your door. Not only does this facilitate a correct billing, but could serve to identify a possible water leak.

Meter readings are also essential if a resident/tenant is vacating or moving into a residence so that interim billings reflect a correct share of water consumption.

Landlords are also reminded that should a tenant vacate and leave an outstanding water bill, the landlord is responsible for payment. In some cases, water bills are mailed/delivered to the tenant for convenience purposes only. However, every effort is made to keep the landlord updated on the status of the account.

Please let us know if you plan on going away for an extended period of time. We can provide payment and meter reading alternatives .